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    • Ah, okay. I just wanted to be sure they weren't a bunch of TS Ninjas. That and I am nosey as hell, so mysteries bother me. Thanks for the heads-up.
    • Try to catch me when I am in Teamspeak and I'll get you admin rights. Isandra had admin rights now for Vigilance. The Honor Empire has been inactive for many months now in GW2. So I joined SD, SDE, then PHZE (SD and SDE fell apart) with Jadeynn as she was the only one from here that played on a regular basis (not as much now). My co-worker was playing with me on an almost daily basis as well, but he has some real life work issues to deal with now. Martok came back for a coupe of weeks last month, but he switched servers long ago, so I do not see him around that much. Anyway, hengeofdenravi.com has been having all sorts of issues with their forums and teamspeak. So we are using T.H.E. as a temp server (maybe perm, haven't decided). I wouldn't mind bringing them into the fold and bring new life to THE. I miss the days when we had sooo many people here. We have over 70k+ posts on these forums alone and this was not the first one we used. Maybe EQ Next will bring back some of the old timers. But that could be a good year or two away.
    • I don't have any channel rights there. Might be helpful. Do you happen to know why there were a bunch of people from a guild called "Phaze" from Guild Wars 2 on our Teamspeak server tonight? I didn't recognize a single person there and it was a bit disconcerting since I didn't see anything here about it.
    • Does anyone need channel admin rights in teamspeak for the Vigilance channel? Not sure who is who now!!
    • Actually.... The "current" guild is Vigil. The 'vigilance' guild that Morgh is talking about is actually a clone of the one from the old server. Long story short, Bioware ######ed us on the original transfer, then 'fixed' it later after all of the active people at the time recreated the guild on the new server. I currently have leadership in Vigil, so feel free to send Taira or Isendra a mail and I'll get anyone all hooked up.
  • Vigilance

    Vigilance is an organization tasked with maintaining the balance of power within the Empire. Its members root out those who may wish to undo or corrupt its hierarchy. Commissioned by Keeper, this elite unit deals out swift and unwavering justice to those that stand in the way of Imperial progress..

    • Faction: Sith Empire
    • Server Type: US east coast RP server (Ebon Hawk)
    • Guild Type: Mix of casual and dedicated players with varied interests including questing, end-game content, social, role-playing and PvP
    • Age Group: Mature players (18+ preferred)
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      • 20 Years ago....


        That is probably a large chunk of many guardians lives.

        20 Years ago Myself, Sir Lags A Lot and Yukon Bob created The Purple Guardians of Honor in the Ultima Online game engine.....first game of its kind and grand father to all MMORPG after it.   Soon we met up with a wizard in training named Balandar, blacksmith named Rattlehead, Warrior Mage Moongem, Warrior Wolf, Mage Warrior Martok..Arthil...Scout....Brightblade, Coldren, Schneider...the list kept growing over time in UO until we were the dominant RP Event guild in Catskills.   

        As other game engines spawned into existence....we launched a home in everyone of them.   Some were fun and others ....ugh....toilsome.

        Game companies tended to chase the buck and please only the PVP and what I would call Raven players (pretty lights flashy flashy stuff)....games died.

        Galaxies held us  until that was obliterated by the game company.....and then WOW held us and grew a new crop of players.....all whilst UO still lingered and moved along with RPrs staying and growing the guild in different ways.    Players came and went their different ways but some always would pop back into a current game engine and give it a ride for a while....some still are enjoying the WoW engine and its gear ladder system.  I do like seeing the movies and fun stuff people find and it is a cash cow for Blizzard.    Many a great hour of fun I have had and many others still have with Blizzard and their game options.

        Star Wars resurged with Old Republic but just never developed options for guilds much as we dreamed of owning our own Star Destroyer or controll of a small planet.....maybe someday if we keep Balandar out of the engine room ...right Martok?

        20 Years.

        THANK YOU GREATLY for enriching my life and friendships across this blue marble we live on....I truly am humbled to have had so many great...
      • http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/post104494/

        CBT #5 has started! This will last approximately 3 weeks. After this a few days will be spent shutting the servers down, doing to the final wipe, and bringing them up for early access. So those that have purchased Life is Feudal: Your Own or the pledge packs will be able to start playing on a persistent world. The NA servers will be up for EA as well! See you in game!

      • Tired of the repetitive gear and raid ladder of rewards?
        Ready to actually BUILD from ground up EVERYTHING you acquire and achieve?

        Life is Feudal combines the open choice world with consequences of going it alone or in a group....you decide.

        Choose Wisely... any moment could be your last in the comfort you have dug, built, created, cooked and forged... between metal and men.

        The Honor Empire is accepting membership to this extremely challenging team based LIFE IS FEUDAL adventure!!!
        https://lifeisfeudal.com - Currently 22% off through August 1st! If you own LiF: Your Own on steam, link your account to lifeisfeudal.com and get an extra $10USD off your purchase. Note: You cannot upgrade packs, a refund can be issued and a new pack purchased, there is no direct upgrade path. Expected release is this year.