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    • Ah, okay. I just wanted to be sure they weren't a bunch of TS Ninjas. That and I am nosey as hell, so mysteries bother me. Thanks for the heads-up.
    • Try to catch me when I am in Teamspeak and I'll get you admin rights. Isandra had admin rights now for Vigilance. The Honor Empire has been inactive for many months now in GW2. So I joined SD, SDE, then PHZE (SD and SDE fell apart) with Jadeynn as she was the only one from here that played on a regular basis (not as much now). My co-worker was playing with me on an almost daily basis as well, but he has some real life work issues to deal with now. Martok came back for a coupe of weeks last month, but he switched servers long ago, so I do not see him around that much. Anyway, hengeofdenravi.com has been having all sorts of issues with their forums and teamspeak. So we are using T.H.E. as a temp server (maybe perm, haven't decided). I wouldn't mind bringing them into the fold and bring new life to THE. I miss the days when we had sooo many people here. We have over 70k+ posts on these forums alone and this was not the first one we used. Maybe EQ Next will bring back some of the old timers. But that could be a good year or two away.
    • I don't have any channel rights there. Might be helpful. Do you happen to know why there were a bunch of people from a guild called "Phaze" from Guild Wars 2 on our Teamspeak server tonight? I didn't recognize a single person there and it was a bit disconcerting since I didn't see anything here about it.
    • Does anyone need channel admin rights in teamspeak for the Vigilance channel? Not sure who is who now!!
    • Actually.... The "current" guild is Vigil. The 'vigilance' guild that Morgh is talking about is actually a clone of the one from the old server. Long story short, Bioware ######ed us on the original transfer, then 'fixed' it later after all of the active people at the time recreated the guild on the new server. I currently have leadership in Vigil, so feel free to send Taira or Isendra a mail and I'll get anyone all hooked up.
  • Vigilance

    Vigilance is an organization tasked with maintaining the balance of power within the Empire. Its members root out those who may wish to undo or corrupt its hierarchy. Commissioned by Keeper, this elite unit deals out swift and unwavering justice to those that stand in the way of Imperial progress..

    • Faction: Sith Empire
    • Server Type: US east coast RP server (Ebon Hawk)
    • Guild Type: Mix of casual and dedicated players with varied interests including questing, end-game content, social, role-playing and PvP
    • Age Group: Mature players (18+ preferred)
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      • Having trouble with getting the Discord Overlay feature to work in Windows?

        1. Right click on your discord exe and change the compatibility settings - set to run as administrator
        2. Right click on your game exe (E.G. For SoTA, right click on ShroudOfTheAvatar.exe) and change the compatibility settings - set to run as administrator
        3. Make sure overlay in your discord app is enabled for your game. This can be found under settings (see this youtube video).

        You'll now see the discord logo in game. The default hot key to access the discord menu in game is SHIFT + `. Modify your discord settings to your preferences (E.G. Small Avatar Size, Only display when talking, etc). Move the discord icon as needed. Enjoy!

        Edit: Moved to global news

      • In a few short years The Honor Empire will hit its 20th Year anniversary.   20 years....amazing run.   While the team has adventured from game to game picking up new friends and family we have constantly maintained a home base forum for its members to chat and interact.   Some games were hits and keep going while others went bust and burned out.   The guild forums still holds those memories and places of our adventures and conflicts.   Yeah we have had our battles ingame and personality clashes over the years for sure...but in the end we still stand proudly to say we are THE HONOR EMPIRE...a community and family of gamers who just want to enjoy the time in the game industry together doing whatever our big kid minds think of.

        All along this journey there have been attempts by myself to bring extra fun to the members of THE....in game and out of game with contests and challenges.  This still is a priority for me to achieve for you my friends and online family.  Technology moves faster than any of us can keep up so it is a challenge to be able to master something that we can put into the website due to various issues.   One issue always is participation....the hardest challenge. Nowdays the ease of FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTANT MESSENGERS and PHONE APPS to communicate with each other....it challenges us greatly to keep the website active and a destination that it once was daily or constant for many of us on our computer task bars as an open program.

        Balandar has the FACEBOOK Group (The Honor Empire Gaming Collective) linked to our Twitter feed and our TEAMSPEAK Server showing people utilizing its rooms for their gaming or communication needs.   ( Teamspeak3 server = thehonorempire.org   password = honor)  

        If your in a new game we do not have listed in TS or here on the forums....lets talk and look to give you a spot here.   We built this for you our gamer family to flow with your gaming changes and as the industry...
      • If you are using an nVidia card, check out ShadowPlay.

        Available only with NVIDIA® GeForce Experience™, ShadowPlay records game action as you play—automatically—with minimal impact on performance. It's fast, simple, and free!

        Shadow every game. Share every victory.

        In Shadow Mode, ShadowPlay "shadows" up to your last 20 minutes of gameplay. Just pulled off an amazing stunt? Hit a hotkey and the game video will be saved to disk. Or, use the manual mode to capture video for as long as you like.

        You now have a video record of your gaming awesomeness to share or post anywhere.

        ShadowPlay even lets you instantly broadcast your gameplay in an HD-quality stream through Twitch.tv.

        All brag. No lag.

        ShadowPlay gives you everything you need to chronicle your amazing gaming conquests with very little perf hit.

        • Powered by Kepler's dedicated hardware H.264 video encoder
        • Records up to the last 20 minutes of gameplay in Shadow Mode
        • Records unlimited length video in Manual Mode
        • Outputs 1080p at up to 50 Mbps
        • Results in minimal performance impact (less than 10%)
        • GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU required (notebook GPUs are not supported at this time)


      • Wolf was one of our UO leaders and Star Wars Galaxy who designed much of the graphics for the website and now works a TON with animation with a company in the USA.....

        Thanks Wolf...our Canadian brother in arms (gaming)

      • If you want to get your hands on the alpha or beta for Everyquest Next Landmark you may want to purchase a founders pack! Otherwise, beta invites will be limited to short (7ish) day play times. The founders packs will allow you unlimited play during beta.


        Smed, President SOE, had the following to say from Reddit.

        1) The dates we have listed are "on or before" dates. What that means is we will start Alpha on our before the end of February. Truth is we intend to start it a long time before that. But you can be guaranteed that we will start it by that date.

        2) Why are we letting people into an Alpha? - This is a whole new development style for us. We're making a completely new kind of game and because of that we need a lot more people to help us test things out and make it great. An Alpha is NOT for everyone. Alpha's tend to be very buggy and change a lot, so expect a ton of downloads. That being said, you also can have an amazing influence over the games direction. I think that's pretty cool.

        3) Why is the trailblazer pack cost so much? We put out 3 different pricepoints to suit everyone's desire. Ultimately the game is F2P but we actually have to have serious volume to make that work. In the interim while we're building, we have to build out the infrastructure sooner than we ordinarily would.

        4) What is Landmark exactly? - It is a standalone, social building and exploring MMO. It will have combat (though not at launch) and a ton of other features.

        hope this helps understand

        Smed President, SOE